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Thank you will never be enough to share the pure gratitude we feel for each and every donation we receive.  The hefty financial costs that go hand-in-hand with brain injuries are never ending, but we are dedicated to providing the best care and opportunities for growth for our son.  Tripp's Army Nonprofit was born out of the desire to do the same for other families that so many did for us at that very first benefit in February 2022.  We don't want any child to ever have to go without potentially life changing therapies due to a financial circumstance.  Each and every dollar donated can be assured to make an impact in the health and progress for the children and their families on this journey.

So where does your donation go?  Here is just a small list at some of the ways in which a monetary donation can be used to help a child living with a brain injury:

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy​

  • Adaptive equipment for the home- 

  • Accessible vehicles

  • Augmentative Alternative Communication device

  • Physical, occupational, & speech language therapy intensive sessions

  • Home modifications

  • Home health and respite care

  • Stem cell therapy

  • Travel expenses for out of town/state therapies & doctor visits

  • Nutritional vitamins & supplements

  • Adapted toys

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